Shopping for Colours?

DSC_5942DSC_5952If you like colours, India is the right place to be. You can find tops in exactly any colour you would want, and then find the legging and scarf, dupatta, to go exactly with it.


Hot Chai and Chennai Central

DSC_5870A man fetching a quick cup of hot chai, the flavoured Indian tea, at Chennai train station. There was a huge crown waiting to get food on the front of the store, luckily this man knew there was a window at the back too.


Tiffin dreams

DSC_5920The Indian utensil stores are so different from back home. We sneaked into this one and I marveled at the metal boxes, bowls cooking tools which were standing exactly everywhere. Even the roof were full of hanging bowls.

I liked the tiffin boxes the best. (Did anyone see the lunchbox? You can watch the trailer here. )I dream about one day making my lunch and bringing in a box like this. But I am not sure why this box below comes with a spoon. Who needs a spoon when you can eat with your hands? ;)


Gold-lined Traffic Moments

DSC_5754While my days in Chennai I did not have that many chances to wander around the streets aimlessly, undisturbed, with my camera. Maybe noone should come to India and look for chances to use the world “undisturbed” in the first place? So it happened that many of my best city-photos are taken through a car window, during traffic jam. I must have looked like a very desperate tourist.

This photo features the beloved auto-rickshaw, or just “auto” as people in Chennai call them.