Giggly study days

DSC_7881Somewhere in the midst of exam preparations, tea drinking and deep life conversations.

June 2015, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.





And So I Leave Taiwan

DSC_6183When things are almost over:

  • remembering to give back borrowed books and outfits
  • trying to go surfing for the last time
  • seeing a friend fight back tears when saying goodbye
  • and trying to hold my own tears inside
  • realizing all the things I never found time to do
  • saying goodbye to the staff at my breakfast place, and being asked to stay in touch
  • hunting stamps for important papers
  • checking out
  • returning keys
  • saying goodbye and goodbye and goodbye

Wondering if travelling is really really worth the pain of leaving dear ones behind.

And then:

boarding an airplane.

being lost in the darkness and boredom of overnight flights alone.

DSC_0651When you read this I have almost arrived home. And just as painful as leaving things are, just as happy I will be to return back. Nine months of long distance relationship is finally over!

DSC_0992I am not taking out my bachelors degree. (Simply because my University doesn’t force me to do it), but I think these past three years are still worth a small celebration. I even stole an outfit last term, and the official photographer, in order to get myself a graduation photo.

Thank you Taiwan for this year

Thank you dear friends for making me laugh with you, and later cry after we said goodbye

Thank you Taiwanese sun for marking me with a nice red painful colour

I will miss you, and we will meet again. God willingly. 

Heat in Taiwan

DSC_7866It became really hot here in Taiwan now. Summer in a subtropical country with high humidity and eternal sunshine – yaaaayy. Even a short walk from my dorm to the bus stop becomes a small challenge. At times I will glare enviously at the locals who are having umbrellas to shade themselves with. But I have decided that I am not that integrated in the Asian lifestyle for using sun-umbrellas.

At least the sunshine makes Hsinchu quite photogenic. I did not do any edit on these pictures, but the colours are really popping.

DSC_7872My short walk from the bus to University made me feel like I was slowly getting fried. While passing the constructions outside campus some of the high-up workers stopped to wave at me. DSC_7874The entrance of National Chiao Tung University (above), and my beloved library (below).




Spring Term in Taiwan

As a break from sharing about our trip to India during, something more recent from Taiwan.DSC_6404Easter Celebration in Victory International Fellowship, Hsinchu. This year Palm Sunday was so joyful.

Now we are already half into the spring term here in Taiwan. I know I have almost only been posting about India recently, but please bear with me. The month I spent there during Chinese New Year (January – February) is like one of those desserts you don’t want to enjoy too fast, I like to write about it as slow as possible just to savour it slowly.

This term at National Chiao Tung University is so different from the last one. It almost feels like I have changed my life completely.

I still live in the same dorm, only one of my three roommates is new. I still go to the same campuses, and attend classes in the same buildings. Yet everything is completely different.

My life in Taiwan this spring:

1. All my friends. Are. Gone. 

Ok, not all of them. Just many of them. Just almost everyone I used to meet seven days a week and would eat most of my meals with. My lunch friends, my library-night friends, my panic-study-weekend friend and my walk-home-together-from-campus friend. They are not here.

Sure you can find new friendships, but one person can never replace another. 

2. I have lazy time.

This term my courses are not only less, the ones I attend are both easier and some are given in English.

Now I can take Monday afternoon of, sleep in on Tuesday, spontaneously skip a class on Thursday to have some fun, eat out at Friday night – and still not have to study during the weekend.

Hello stress free life. I haven’t seen you since I started University!

3. I can actually enjoy Taiwan

Whatever I was busy doing last term did indeed take place here in Taiwan. But apart from occasional nights spend outside the library, I didn’t see much of this beautiful island.

This term I am traveling, often while enjoying the company of Taiwanese friends. So much more fun!

DSC_6420DSC_6431View from a private home in Hsinchu county. I found the sight mesmerizing.