Rain on Mr Sun Yat-sen


Taken some weeks ago on a rainy day in Taipei at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei.


A Very Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas all dear ones!

After finishing a lab yesterday afternoon I could finally go home, get some rest, make phone calls to my family back home and dress up. I had some Christmas gifts that’s been waiting patiently in my bookshelf, and yesterday I could finally open them and try all the goodies inside.

The Swedish exchange students had a gathering yesterday night, including some visiting family and girlfriends we were almost 30 people in total. For me it felt like I was in a dream: being surrounded by my mother tounge, having  Swedish food, Swedish drinks and making very Swedish jokes. The man with the biggest beard was chosen to be Santa Claus and had to come and knook at the door and say “Ho ho, are there any well-behaving kids in this home?”, before reading out Christmas rhymes we had written on each others gifts and letting us guess what might be inside. Some Swedes received slippers, coffee or tea cups, others small games or things of very questionable purpose.

The main discussion of the evening was about the moral aspects of having couscous salad for the buffet. ” This is not Swedish tradition!” Christmas is one of the few days we actually eat food with that is from our own culture.

Today I woke up and decided that I might as well eat cake for breakfast. After all, it’s Christmas. Somehow there was new gifts delivered to me while I was out yesterday night. After finishing eating I have to try to track down the girl who gave them.

I’m also trying to figure out excuses good enough to keep me out of the lab today. “I feel a little sick”? ” I got food poisoning from the experiment yesterday”? “I have an important meeting in my dorm”? But I think the teacher will be very suspicious if the only foreigner in the class is absent at the 25th of December.

I should not complain actually. One Swedish friend had an exam last night, and another one left the party at midnight to go and work with his project group. Taiwan, give us a Christmas break!

May your week be peaceful, your hearts thankful and your tummies just full. Christmas wishes for you!

PS. I did buy Taiwanese Christmas cards which I never wrote or sent. Please forgive me. Maybe you can get them next year? Ds.

Travelling in Taichung

More photos from our trip to Taichung: you can see photos from a flea market we visited here.

DSC_0164DSC_0138DSC_0150None of us where Taiwanese, but I was the only non-asian. Only one of us was native Chinese speakers but most of us where fluent. The constant chattering was in Chinese and I would walk behind the others asking them to translate the jokes and explain again where we were going.

Strangers we met at the street often thought I was the alone foreign traveler even though I was walking in middle of a group of friends.

The day was unique but so much fun. A lovely day with lovely girls and too much food.