Fall in Sweden


Fall in Sweden and fall in Taiwan are two totally different things. I love the fact that it’s not as dark or cold here.

But the crisp fall mornings with sharp colours and high skies – ah Sweden. Even my old home Ryd in Linköping is beautiful those days.


On her own


Just another student taking a nap on campus. Why sleep in your dorm if you can sleep just anywhere?

Just one more day in the library and we will be off for the weekend.

It’s good we are from a super independent culture where people don’t mind doing things on their own – while I’m studying my mother will go for some sightseeing all by herself. She got internet and small notes in Chinese saying things like “please help me find a taxi”, she will be fine!

Coming home

“You are finally moving home again!”

I was greeted at Västerås train station with a big hug. Yes, I moved home to my parents and sister again, even if only for a few days. Running errands, visiting grandmother, washing clothes, eating dinners, folding and packing, rearranging books, adoring the garden, the weekend was quite hectic.




24 hours till leaving for Taiwan, my packing is only half done.

Dear Linköping

Dear Linköping. Leaving you behind is hard. I have left you before, I have missed you before but I know that I, just as before, will come back.

August is probably your best month of the year, beautiful sunshine, crisp morning air and some cool rain showers – it all suits you so well. New students arrive and with them the special air of the student welcoming period. Suddenly you never know what you’ll find on the other side of a corner. Will it be lost exchange students wondering how to find the food store? Will it be yet another mysterious group in beards and matching outfits marching by? Or a rented bagpipe band?

You just can’t understand Linköping in August if you are not here.

Our local Superstars taking an afternoon walk over campus

Our local superstars taking an afternoon walk over campus.

I will miss going home on a half-broken bike with too many bags of newly bought groceries. I will miss waiting in line every break to buy the 5 SEK coffee. I will miss the bright colors of seventy styles apartments.


After the last exam was over I could finally have time to take farewell of some friends. Taking late night walks, eating apple pie and chatting. My heart breaks a little from having to leave you guys behind. In one year from now so much will have happened in your lives. I wish I could share it, but the other side of the earth is simply to far away.

When the last friends left I stood gazing out the window and saw you disappear.

Dear Linköping, see you again in next August.