Three Strange Birds


DSC_6397DSC_6380At a cloudy Saturday here in Taiwan we were too tired to follow our plan and go to Taipei. Instead we ate hot noodles and walked with tiny tiny steps to the local Hsinchu Zoo. Outside the zoo there is a buzzing market street and you may find your future pet bird here, if you are into that. (Picture 1)

The zoo itself were not so special. If you want a real animal experience you should find you way to the Taiwanese capital instead. But at least we find some monkeys and birds to watch, and a peacock had fun watching us. (Picture 2)

DSC_6392Right after leaving the zoo we saw a man with a huge binocular and birdwatching-outfit. Around him a  crowd had gathered and everyone were staring up in the green of a big tree. What was he looking at?

DSC_6390An Eagle!

If eagles are sitting in one of the most central parks in Hsinchu, right at 老人大学 (Lǎorén dàxué), well, then you might be able to find them almost anywhere.

If your eyes are sharp enough, of course. 

After this short and not exhausting walk we felt quite tired, and we all went back to our respective rooms for a nap.



Munnar Postcards

DSC_2937DSC_2940One day I woke up to see the sunrise and I realized we must be in paradise already. The air was full of songs from birds and yes, we could see wild monkeys from our balcony.DSC_2718DSC_2666DSC_2638DSC_2539It was a long and sunny day, we returned back to the hotel at dusk. I decided it was time to eat my favorite snacks had I brought from Tamil Nadu: kadelei muthai, sweet peanuts. A Swede must try her best every night to survive until it is late enough for Indian restaurants to open.

Munnar Hill Station

DSC_2441We spent the first two days of our trip to Kerala in Munnar, a beautiful hill station.

Before and after the trip A’s parents were telling stories about great a grandfather, wild tigers and roaming dangerous elephants. While my ancestors were busy eating their boiled potatoes in Sweden and Denmark, some of his ancestors enjoyed beautiful views like this.

DSC_2438Munnar is most of all famous for tea. Every mountain, every slope, every village – it’s all about tea. It was so beautiful I felt like I should take the chance to make my own little Bollywood dance. This would have been such a great opening scene. “The hills are alive with the scents of tea …”

DSC_2469We couldn’t pluck tea, as it was all privately owned. But if someone else plucks tea and puts it into your hand – is it considered breaking the rules? Without worries about land owners our driver took us to the best places and plucked a handful of leaves for us to smell at.

When you pluck tea you should go for the newest leaves at the top of the plant. The leaves themselves has no special smell or taste of tea. It is not until after oxidation, drying and roasting the special tea smell will appear.

DSC_2350The two of us enjoyed seeing things together, doing things together, and just simply being together. After four months apart every hour was worth it weight in gold.

DSC_2170If we imagine time having a weight, of course.

And this guy. I love him so much.