Yangmingshan – Hiking up the Yangming Mountain

DSC_6671There are a couple of one day get-away from Taipei to recommend. One of them is Yangmingshan, just north of Taipei. It is a National Park and easy accessible by bus.

We started of from Taipei at a Saturday morning, squeezing ourselves onto a bus and joining the big crowd leaving the Taiwanese capital. The weather was good, almost too good, and everyone wanted to enjoy a nice day away from the city.

As soon as we got of the bus we found this volcanic area. The smell of sulfur was really strong and not too nice, but I loved the view. I am not sure if I have seen volcanic activity live before.

DSC_6663I realized that there was an excellent walking path starting from where we were standing, and I got excited for climbing up the mountain. That was when I realized that my travel mates never planned we would actually go hiking. After some discussion we decided to give the mountain a try, and after buying a couple liters of water and applying sun lotion we started the hike.

DSC_6690Hiking in Taiwan always means “walking up stairs”. I do not know who was energetic enough to bring all these stones up, but no matter where you hike you won’t get away from them.

It was warm, just as warm as Taiwan can be on a sunny April day. The sunshine came right from over our heads and the low bushes around us did not provide any shade. One of the friend immediately opened his sun-umbrella, and I could not keep myself from laughing and making jokes.

DSC_6683DSC_6704As we kept on walking my skin became more and more burnt. Maybe it was stupid to only buy a cream with sun factor 15, but in Sweden I think that is enough for me. In Taiwan? I guess at least a 30 would be needed for me here!

The intense of the sunshine, the lack of protection for my sore skin and the very heat of the day – soon we were all hiding under the same umbrella. He who laughs last, laughs best – so much for my umbrella jokes! 

DSC_6687We met two old ladies who were looking for herbs along the trail. They had easier taken a course in Chinese Medicine, and a guide had taken them here to find different medicinal plants. Now they came back trying to see how much they could remember. They talked happily to us and showed us some of the leaves next to where we were standing.

DSC_6696An Indian Forest Skink was enjoying some sunshine. As long as we only say skinks and not poisonous snakes, I was very happy.

DSC_6705DSC_6713The top of the Yangming Mountain was very busy. There was people everywhere, and the air was full of huge butterflies. We were trying to sit all of us under the umbrella and wondering how we could decide to go for such a long hike without bringing anything to eat.

DSC_6731This old man was cheered on by everyone who saw him. He alone carried a little baby girl up the mountain, and he looked more happy than tired.

DSC_6721On the way down we found a small hen-like bird. I had seen birds similar to this one for a couple of times already in Taiwan, but this is the first time I got a close look. Isn’t she beautiful?



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