Shifen and the wrong Lantern Festival


One day in Taiwan, already months ago, we did a trip to Shifen, next to Pingxi. I was there before, if you remember? (Read here: Pingxi Hike part 1, part 2 and part 3.)

It was a very unplanned trip, but honestly I didn’t care much. We had a good time together, even though it was dark, rainy and crowded.

DSC_6220DSC_6187DSC_6194One of the things we went there for was to paint a lantern and send it of in the air. We were happy to do this during Lantern Festival, thinking it was the right time of the year.

What S tried to tell me many times (but I still didn’t understand?) was that it was not that Lantern Festival. So we were apparently there and thinking we celebrated Lantern Festival, even if we got everything wrong. As I said, in despite of everything we still had a very good trip.

DSC_6260Lanterns rising up in the rainy sky.

After it got dark painted our own Lantern and send it of. I wrote in my best Chinese, S wrote in his best English and the third friend wrote in German.

DSC_6272Note to ignorant foreigners: The Lantern Festival is not for this kinds of lanterns. Always listen carefully to your local friends.


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