Sri Krishna Sweets

DSC_5875DSC_5882I did not only fell in love with the Indian food, Indian sweets were totally in my taste too. Well, they are all extremely sweet. But the combination of nuts and spices are just irresistible.

When passing a sweet store (Sri Krishna Sweets) I immediately recognized one of my favorites: the big yellow balls called Laddu. I asked sis to take my wallet and buy some for us to take home. While she was queuing up I took some photos of the small stall.

Then the most funny thing happened: all the workers were posing for my photos, and they all tried to stand tall so they would be visible over the very high desk. “I was waiting and waiting” sis complained afterwards. “But it didn’t matter what any of us costumers said. As long as you help up the camera noone wanted to move and miss out of the chance of being in your photo!” After some wait we finally got our sweets, and we could return home with our extra evening snack.

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