Hot Chai and Chennai Central

DSC_5870A man fetching a quick cup of hot chai, the flavoured Indian tea, at Chennai train station. There was a huge crown waiting to get food on the front of the store, luckily this man knew there was a window at the back too.


5 thoughts on “Hot Chai and Chennai Central

  1. I like two restaurants in chennai, Saravana Bhavan and A2B. Your post looks you visited to saravana bhavan. Did you tried coffee? and one more thing you should not try anything inside of the train station stall.

    • No, I when we were in Chennai I barely ate outside food. Only if the family knew the food was good quality they dared to let me eat it. Haha! Auntie mostly packed up food for me when we went outside. We went to some restaurants, but I can’t remember any names, I am sorry!
      One of the last days in India they actually got me some samosas from the street, despite their worries. It was sooo very tasty!

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