The day when Lisa came to Taiwan

I love Taiwan. I am so happy that I had the chance to come here.But I do miss Sweden. And being in a another culture is bound to be a roller-coaster of feelings, some days I enjoy the situation so much, and other days I just feel malplacé.

Therefore I was so happy when my old friend Lisa came to visit!

IMG_9275Lisa and I was together in China some years ago. (Picture above) Some Years Ago, can you hear how old it sounds like I am getting?

We shared a very special time together, and she has truly seen me at my best and worst. We shared bad hair days, 36 hour train rides, unexpected home-stays in rural areas, and know everything about each others coffee preferences. It was great for me to meet someone like her again! I just had to say a little bit of what was in my head, and she knew exactly what I needed to hear from her.

Go old friends!

DSC_6991DSC_6987Lisa (at the right) and the German friend travelling with her.

As you might have notices I rarely post photos of my friends here. But as Lisa is a blogger herself I feel like there are less need for caring about her privacy. If you speak Swedish you can read everything about here current adventures as a student in South Korea at her blog, and here is her own travel story of Taiwan.

DSC_6901DSC_6863Honestly we spent most of our time eating and shopping, but one day we walked up the Elephant mountain for some work out too.

This old man showed us a hidden track deeper up in the hills and took us to a place so steep we had to climb.


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