Among Wild Beast

DSC_2855 The state of Kerala is famous for beautiful nature and a unique wildlife. Some of the roads we were driving along had fences – guess for what? Elephants! The wild elephants might come roaming around, eat crops and be a threat for the local people. The area we visited also has Bengal Tigers. Two weeks after we left Kerala a local woman was attacked and killed while she was harvesting tea. Other animals in Kerala are leopard, king cobra and gray wolf. I wished we could have seen more wild animals, but as it might be dangerous we should be thankful we didn’t.

Kerala does have a safer animal to visit: the wild mountain goat Nilgiri Tahr. One day we went up to the Eravikulam National Park to spot them in their natural habitat.

DSC_2832The Nilgiri Tahr is interesting as it is genetically unique, its closest relative is sheep and not other Tahr species. In the beginning of 20th century the population sunk to only 100 animals and it was in danger of extinction.

The only a small part of the park was open for visitors, and it was strictly regulated what visitors were allowed to do: there were guards everywhere checking that people did not leave trash behind or disturb the animals. I was impressed that it was possible to make people here to not litter, it gave me hope that you can maybe enforce this behavior outside National Parks too.

The wild goats were cute and easy to find. But after all it was just a goat, and not a roaring tiger.

DSC_2840During an unguarded moment I wanted to sneak out in the wilderness, put a tent, and find some peacefulness away from the paved road.

DSC_2842In the end of the day it was the birds of Kerala that we saw the most of. I will share more pictures with you later. Did you see the little fellow on the first picture? It’s a red-whiskered bulbul.


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