Wandering in Paradise Gardens

From India during winter vacation over to Taiwan, a more recent update.

When life gives you good weather, a day of and a mountain of unknown possibilities: I decided to sneak away from the lively house that was hosting us and explore the area around.

It was a paradise-like sunset and I climbed up a nearby hill.

DSC_6468DSC_6438DSC_6446DSC_6450DSC_6444The air was hot, my sweat was dripping, the fruit trees blossomed over my head and spread their wonderful perfume.

I found a wild hen hiding in the forest and a tunnel hosting God-know-what local animal. Most of the way I was fully focused to not sliding on the dusty dry ground. When will this drought be over?

The paradise garden was not harmless. Thick grass cut my skin like razor blades and I found more afraid of snakes than I have ever been before.  (Not that I saw any)

Before returning back to the house I dusted off my clothes, tried to arrange my hair again and wiped some blood of my legs. When I close my eyes now I can still remember the smell of those white flowers.



Backwaters of Kerala: part 5

DSC_3988As soon as the sun started rising over our little boat house we jumped out of our beds, fresh and wide awake.

Or actually, the timer of the AC went of at 6 am, after our prepaid 8 hours of AC use was over, and we had to get out of the hot bedroom by survival instinct. When I came out and saw this breathtaking view I soon felt happy again.

DSC_4039DSC_4019DSC_4017We had time to sneak out for a last close look at the fields. When we returned I had another hilarious conversation of asked and unasked questions. A girl on the houseboat next to us was half-shouting questions over at me. She did not really understand when I said I come from Sweden. “Do you mean Sirlanka?”

When I learned they were Gujaratis I mentioned Prime Minister Modi, the only thing I know about their home province, and the entire boat burst out in a roaring laughter. They were travelling together as a huge family, three households including white-haired grandparents, on two boats.

I was pitying the kitchen staff, someone must have been frying an insane amount of puri for their breakfasts.

DSC_3980The food on our boat was tasty but – oh – so spicy. The dinner served the night before was so full of chili not even A could eat it. I ended up eating nothing but bread and dahl.

All in all the backwater experience was very good. If you go, just make sure you bring clothes for very hot weather and a good sun lotion.

Backwater Portraits: part 2

DSC_3970When we walked past him the first time, he was eagerly trying to catch a fish. And as we returned half an hour later he was expectantly waiting, ready to pose with his catch.

In Taiwan strangers instinctively shy away from my camera, in India I found a photo has quite the opposite effect. Somehow people asked me to take a photo.