DSC_1663One day we went for an excursion to Dakshinachitra, a small picturesque tourist village outside Chennai. They had built replication of typical houses from the different South Indian provinces. It was like a living museum, and almost everything I learnt here was new to me.

In the picture above you can see some very traditional decorations made of palm leaves. Below is a mini version of the very typical Tamil Pongal festival, the local harvest festival.

DSC_1660While entering the houses in Tamil Nadu style I tried to imagine A’s ancestors living in these kinds of places. On hot days they must have been sitting on the stone porch outside the entrance, or swinging on the huge swing somewhere inside.

DSC_1665DSC_1677DSC_1689DSC_1687To take extra care of my sensitive stomach we were not eating outside food, instead auntie had packed and brought a delicious homemade meal. It is just as tasty as it looks! DSC_1735Weaving of a traditional south Indian saree:DSC_1740DSC_1700DSC_1920 It was late afternoon when we left the museum. We were in mood for afternoon coffee and I had something very beautiful on my hands, but more about that later.

If you are interested in visiting Dakshinachitra you can check out their page here.


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