The Indian shopping experience

There are a lot of does and don’t if you visit India as a foreign woman, especially when it comes to wearables. In India you should wearing something that is both lose and covering, and hopefully something that helps your body to stay cool. And I had few, it any, suitable pieces in my wardrobe.

So it was obviously time to get some authentic Indian outfits! One of the very first days in India auntie and sis took me to one of their favourite places for shopping.

DSC_1460As we entered the small shop the three of us sat down on small plastic chairs. The seller asked about preferences and started to pull out one colourful dress after the other. As soon as our eyes had fallen on one piece he would see our reaction and immediately show us the next.

This store was specialized in selling thing tunics, called kurtas, and he had them in all possible materials, styles and patterns. He spread them out over the big counter, one by one, until we had a decimeter high mountain of textiles in front of us.

DSC_1447It was hard to choose as it was almost too many possible alternatives and colours. And when we were done chosing we just came to the next challenge: to decide which type of pants they would go with.

The best thing with the evening was that it was so much fun to choose the things together, all the three of us. The three ladies shopping together: such a good time for bonding!

DSC_1473Kurta with oversized punjabi-style pants.

The next morning I woke up with an excited feeling of anticipation. I felt almost like I did as a child in Christmas time: “Today I can wear my new clothes!”

During the following weeks in India I was so happy for these outfits. I can’t imagine anything else being more comfortable, beautiful and suitable to travel in.


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