The reverse – reverse culture chock

DSC_2091Image: Nightmarket in Kunming, China, 2013.

It was dark night when I arrived to Taiwan. I found myself hurrying around with my bags, catching the late night train and taking a taxi back to the dorms. It was a strange feeling to arrive directly from one foreign culture into the other.

After staying a period abroad you might suffer from a “reverse culture chock” when you return back to your own country. After accepting and getting used to the foreign culture, you sometimes feel uncomfortable when you. after all, are home again.  With your home culture as background you will realise that you changed a lot while away.

But instead of leaving India and going home to Sweden I am now in Taiwan! Instead of struggling with an Indian – Sweden culture chock I find myself dealing with feeling like an Indian in Taiwan.

Why is it so cold here?

Remember to use chopsticks and not touch the food with my hands!

But the hardest culture adaption of them all is to remember that I cannot, in any situation, bobble my head when I speak. I find myself doing this all the time, but I guess no one here even understands what I am doing!


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