Hello India!

On the airport in Kuala Lumpur I had discretely changed into an Indian style outfit: a green Salvar Kameez a friend had given me.

I wanted to have the outfit when I landed in India to surprise A – but I was also very nervous that I maybe was wearing it the wrong way.
As I approached my gate more and more Indians surrounded me and I looked closely at their expressions to see if anyone was looking in a weird way at my clothes. But no one did, and I felt like I could breath out.

I tried to make up my mind about if I was still supposed to wear my Taiwanese face mask. On a flight with mostly Taiwanese people it felt natural, but on an airplane with almost only Indians? It didn’t make sense to have it. I actually stopped sneezing too. Have you ever seen a European girl wearing Indian clothes and an Asian face mask? I can not be both Taiwanese, Swedish and Indian at the same time. I decided to leave the mask behind and also did my best to stop thinking in Chinese. It was time to focus fully on India now.

A few hours later, after a very smooth flight, we landed in Chenna, India. Chennai is a 10 million people city in the south, located in Tamil Nadu. I could hear Tamil, my boyfriend’s mother tongue, all around me. The air was warm and humid and I was thankful for the loose light material I was wearing.

Even before I made it through customs I could see a familiar face watching me from the crowd outside. And there he was. My very own A. He travelled to India a few days in advance and had been waiting a few days in India already.

Now it was finally time to meet his family.



Soon I realized that I was not the only one who wore Indian clothes, even A did. I never seen him in an Indian outfit before!


As soon as I arrived to their home I was given jasmine flowers to hang in my hair – just like the South Indian girls does.

Hello India, I love you already!


4 thoughts on “Hello India!

  1. Sååå kul att du har kommit till Indien nu, du får hälsa A från mig! Kul att läsa om resan och de första timmarna. Blir intressant att höra mer sen. Kramar!

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