Shaved Ice: Have no fear


I took another European friend here to try a famous Taiwanese dessert: shaved ice. She was exited at first. But when our plate arrived her face expression changed drastically. She looked at the ice with a mix of fear and disgust.

“This is why I did not want to move to Asia!”

I know the food here was one of the things that made her hesitate about coming to Taiwan. But she accepted the challenge to come here and learn about a part of the world she never thought much about before.

What is a shaved ice? It is exactly what it sounds like: frozen water shaved into a sorbet-like consistence, topped with fruits or a paste of sweet beans and an extremely sweet sauce. Sometimes the sauce seems to be made of condensed milk.

Taiwan is mainly famous for Mango Shaved Ice. I didn’t have a chance to try it yet but I’ll surely have to do it before my year here is over.

So how did it go with my friend? Did she give the shaved ice a try?Eventually she grabbed her spoon and tried a little piece. And then we just kept on eating.

When you get over the slightly surprising mix of textures you might find that you like it. It’s actually pretty good. It always make me feel like I’m eating snow.

Eating snow is nothing to recommend. But if you some day find yourself high up on a snow covered mountain in a far away area, if the snow is newly fallen and if you are taking a break from a few hours of skiing – then snow tastes really good.

Not that I tried. Grownups are not supposed to eat snow.


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