A good weather to sleep


On the campus of Tsinghua University, Taiwan.

I love Friday nights. Not because I planned a lot of exciting things for my weekend, but because time stretches out in front of me as I have no classes to attend.

And no classes means more time to spend in the library.

Winter has come to Taiwan now. It is 14 – 16 degrees in Hsinchu today, which might it sound quite warm. But do not let the numbers fool you! The air here in Taiwan is very humid, and in combination with the famous wind here in Hsinchu it makes you shiver as soon as you get outside.

As there is no heating in the dorm – or in our classrooms –  it means we will have to manage as well as we can to stay warm. The bed is one place you might feel warm, and I’ve heard many fellow students call this a good weather to sleep.

At least it’s a decent temperature in the library too.


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