Graduation joy



There has been some extra happiness on campus this week: the graduations are getting closer!

Even if there is more than one more term left the bachelor students are already taking their graduation photos. Class by class has been gathered outside the NCTU library and gotten dressed in the graduation uniforms. There are no tradition like this in Sweden so I enjoy watching them (and stealing some photos).

One funny thing that I soon realized it that they don’t have their own uniforms. Instead they borrow a one-size-fits-all dress, wear it for a few minutes and give it back. If they want to wear the dress on their actual graduation day they will have to buy one themselves.

I was hoping that I would be able to see my own classmates when it was their turn. And how lucky I was: one Friday morning when I was just coming to school they were all lined up in their dresses, waiting for the photographer to arrange them for the photo.





I was almost fifteen minutes late for that class. It was totally worth it.


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