Day of thankfulness



Today it is the last Thursday in November and America is celebrating Thanksgiving. I was planning to write something about how overwhelming my studies been lately or how tired I felt this morning, but maybe this is not the right day for whining. So let’s find something to be thankful for, shall we?

Life in Taiwan is quite much as I expected it would be. I thought life in the dorm would be hard and that the courses would be driving me crazy.

Turns out that the life in the dorm is quite good, right now I can’t imagine myself living somewhere else. And the studies are indeed a little over my head but I think I can put it all together, somehow.

When I left Sweden my darling told me to leave my home with a thankful heart and later return with a thankful heart. Thankful that I can be here, thankful when it’s finally time to move back.

Photo above: The plants and salads we keep in our dorm. If you consider how little space we have I think it is quite impressive.


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