Good Boy!


The University campuses here in Taiwan are full not only of students – but also of dogs. Everywhere they can be found, resting in the sun, sleeping in the shade or waiting with hungry eyes outside the canteen.

In the beginning I found them a little odd. Many of them are dirty and look like they have paw problems. But the more I learn about them the more I like them. They where all stray-dogs before who have been adopted by the University. There is a special student group (at least at NCTU, I don’t know about the other University) that earns money to buy food for the dogs and pay vet bills.

Of all the humans and animals on our campuses I think the dogs are the luckiest ones. They seems to have peaceful lives, even if they themselves probably think they have a heavy workload to hunt squirrels and howl at the moon by night.

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