Places you have to see in Taipei: National Palace Museum


The National Palace Museum is not only a museum full of ancient treasures, it is a museum full of ancient treasures with a very special history – if you have time I suggest you to check it out here. If we can trust Wiki the museum contains one of the World’s biggest collections of Chinese culture and goes 10’000 years back in time. Isn’t that pretty amazing?

We arrived to the museum just before sundown and I realized that my Taiwanese student card allows me free entrance. On forehand we were warned about the huge collection that takes hours to see. Well, the collection was big and contained a lot, but we didn’t feel overwhelmed.


The collection of things on display were well made and they showed the riches they had without getting repetitive. I could recognize some things from the classes in Chinese History from back home, but there were so much we couldn’t really understand. After overhearing some of the guided tours going on in there I felt like we probably missed out of the biggest part of what we saw.

So can we recommend this place? Yes, indeed. If you are in Taipei but haven’t seen it already you should give it a chance.


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