Another week as an exchange student


Usually the teachers here in Taiwan just tell us a week before when we will have an exam. So every week is full of surprises.

After being very busy the last month I’m constantly waiting for a weekend with no studies. “Soon, soon it’s coming!” I tell myself. “Next weekend!” Maybe I should stop hoping and just face the facts that there will be new exams, every week, always.

Is am not the only one being tired, whenever meeting with the other exchange students it seems like everyone just wants to open their hearts and let out the complaints.

But there are little glimpses of light here too. When I really need it the teacher or a teacher assistant might turn to me in to give me a little hint or a word of encouragement. In an exam paper I received was a sentence written with red ink on the last page: “In Taiwan you should study by reading the solutions for the problems and memorize them.” Or as my teacher said to me in the end of last lesson: “Well, usually your result would be considered as failing the exam. But for being a foreign student it is not too bad.”

So let’s keep on fighting, another weekend, another week. And may not the teachers be too hard on us.


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