One day in Tainan

Tainan literally means “Taiwan – South” and is, as you might already have guessed, in the south of Taiwan. It is one of the more famous cities and a good place to spend a day or two in. Due to intense study period I didn’t have much time to research before the trip, the most of our planning was done when we were already in the train from Hsingchu.

We started of with renting a locker to store our luggage in. They had a lot on the train station and it was very convenient. They also had a free shuttle bus taking us to downtown Tainan and then we decided to simply walk from there.


The luggage locker costed 50 NTD every three hours.


Local monsters


A lunch that was more interesting than tasty : steamed rice with soft-cooked peanuts and a sweet sour sauce. I think it would have been better of without the sauce.


A Tainan alleyway


It took us quite some time to get to the touristy area we intended to reach. But while walking we had a chance to make little stops, talk with local fishermen, peak into a grand church and take lots of photos.


This is one of many Tainan delicacies: the Taiwanese Macaron. The taste and feeling resembles a French Macaron but it is much bigger and empty inside.


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