While waiting – in Taiwanese High-Speed Railway


Entering the high-speed railway (HSR) station in Hsingchu was a bit of a wow-experience. I don’t know why, I’m usually not a fan of fancy looking places like this. Maybe it was the beautiful sunset light or that I just had a happy day, but I really enjoyed myself even though I just missed a train and might end up arriving late at the airport.



Taiwanese government can think of a lot of things you are not allowed to do while in a railway station. Do not hurt yourself in the escalators while wearing rubber shoes. Do not not take the elevator if you are pregnant. Do not stand to close to the tracks. Do not climb over security fences. There are plenty of instructions around you and staff who correct any unwanted behavior. Travelling here might make you feel very safe.

Or you will wonder what till really happen if you use the escalator with rubber shoes.


After a few minutes of adoring the sunset a crowd started gathering next to the tracks and a friendly lady called me over. She asked me plenty of questions and decided she wanted to adopt me and that I should call her my mum. I made a compromise (after all I was finally going to see my own mum soon) and said that Taiwanese mum would be fine with me. “Yes yes I am your Taiwanese mum!”


She introduced me to her own mother too, a strong lady in her eighties. And so the train arrived and we took goodbye. When the train arrived at my station me and my fellow passengers was struggling to get of and help each other with luggage. Over the heads of the (polite and quite) travelers I could hear a strong voice. “Susannaaaa! Goodbyeeee”


I wish strangers would always show each other that much love.


5 thoughts on “While waiting – in Taiwanese High-Speed Railway

  1. If only the whole world showed such love to one another, we would have true peace.

    Nice photos, especially the train station sunset…

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