Another day in the library

The other day when I was writing about how midterms was just starting I thought I was exaggerating a little. I thought. I soon realized that it was exactly what happened. And I did actually live in the library the last days, and will have to continue to do so for another week.


One of our teachers announced last week that we would have a small quiz in the week to come, and get us a list of which exercises to prepare. So there we was, spending as many hours as we could possibly find to learn everything before the test.

I still haven’t figured out how the courses are supposed to be here. The teachers spend and huge amount of time talking and teaching, but it is rare that they ask us questions or tell us what we are supposed to do with the information. And from out of the blue a test will appear and not until then I understand what I am actually supposed to study.

Today I went up early again and returned to the library. Wish me good luck!

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