Pingxi hike: Part 3

Read part 1 here and part 2 here.


After all we found a way to stay overnight without emptying our wallets.

A few hours later I found myself laying on my back on a hard mattress, gazing out of a tent door, up in the huge beautiful trees and at some twinkling stars. In the background we could hear the huge waves caused by the off-shore passing typhoon as they roared against a distant beach.

The following morning: I hadn’t slept more than an hours or two, the tent was half wet and the rain had mercilessly taken the life of an unprepared iPhone.

We went out to eat a warm breakfast and stare at the waves. We originally planned to play in the crazy big waves too, but before we changed into our swimsuits a nearby beach guard already came on his scooter. Apparently the waves where too big and it was typhoons season, so no crazy exchange student where allowed close to the water. He wouldn’t even let us get close enough for me to feel sand under my toes.


After discarding one plan crazier than the other we decided to give up on getting close to the water and walked back to town and took a bus to Keelung, and thereafter back to Hsingchu.


Dear Taiwan. You are surrounded by sea on every side, but I still haven’t touched it. When will you let me close to those sandy beaches?


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