Pingxi hike: Part 1

Read part 2 here and part 3 here.

The vacations in Taiwan is really few, we actually just have one national holiday for the entire fall term. They won’t even give us Christmas or New Years!

Last friday, yesterday, it was the big awaited day, and we hurried to pack our stuff and get out of town.

The planning of this trip was a mess. When we finally had set a route to hike, the way to get there and invited a big group of friends we realized that another typhoon was going to pass Taiwan. We changed the plans completely after the weather and it resulted in just four of us going on a two days trip to the south.

It’s 5.30 am and still dark when Hope and I arrived to check for bus tickets. Nothing left. J arrived a few minutes later and we did the best we could of the situations. The weather report had changed to rain over the entire Taiwan, so we decided to get on the next bus north and go with our original plan of hiking. Pingxi, we are on our way!

Friend number four was still sleeping happily in his dorm rum, totally unreachable.


After a few changes we found ourselves making an unnecessary stop in Keelung. Our dear friend just woke up and promised he would catch up with us as soon as possible, so we decided to stroll around for some time and find breakfast.



From the train we had spotted a day market and we soon found our way there. In the first picture above you can see some really beautiful sushi, made out on the open street. No, we didn’t dare to try it. Instead we ate oily pancakes with eggs inside and bean milk, with some extra fresh baked bread and fatty street stall waffles.

After heading back a few stations with the slow train we had half and hour to kill. Just the same second as our next train arrived the fourth member of our little group arrived and so we were finally ready for the mountains!

Read the next part here.

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