One of those days


One of those days I can’t get the taste of rich unsweetened yogurt out of my head, but the only breakfast here I found was a very very strange hamburger. When the juice I thought I ordered turns out to be papaya and milk mixed together and I get a strange lunch too. And the yogurt? I just miss it so much.

When later the same day I found myself in front of the cereal section at a supermarket, I came up with a very smart idea. I can’t take home milk products as there is nowhere to keep them in the dorm, I don’t even know if you can get real yogurt here.

The next morning I mixed cold water with some spoons of an almost bluish-looking milk powder, and topped with the cereals. It tasted … super sweet. I wouldn’t even have looked at these kind of things at home. But here? Here they felt like my only hope.

It this how desperation tastes? Overly sweet cereals with a strange tasting milk?

Some days having a bad wannabe-home breakfast is a low price to pay.

Note : If you live in a dorm belonging to NCTU you can for a small fee be allowed to keep a fridge in your room. Your would need to put it somewhere on your small space and everyone in your room have to agree to it.


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