Windy days


On the campus of NCTU, Hsingchu


As I wrote some days back it is getting cooler here, much cooler. Today I saw that the thermometer outside Tsinghua claimed it was 26 ºC, it was 38 ºC just a few weeks ago it said . And it is really windy! They say it is normal here, Hsinchu is called The City of Winds. Something I learned today is that the strong winds here is perfect for drying rice noodles, and the rice noodle industry has a natural part in this city. Funny, I haven’t even eaten rice noodles here yet.

How windy was it today? It must have been at least 10 m/s. When having lunch the parasols were almost flying away from our outdoor tables, and later we saw that the wooden tables tipped over too. At times it was hard to even hear what a person next to you were saying.

The last one of my classes was held at 9th floor of a building and the windows wasn’t blocking the wind perfectly. The howling sound the storm made was very disturbing at first but after a few hours I actually got used to it. It sounded the way a snowstorm does if you stay overnight in a small cottage … but when I looked out it was still sunny.

Maybe this was my last day of shorts in school? After all, it is already October. Summer doesn’t last forever, not even in Taiwan.


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