Things I love : Taiwan

While walking home today I was thinking about how much I just love living here. Everything is so good, and I find living here quite easy. I know it is a little dangerous to write that, hardships might come at any time. But so far I am very thankful and happy for my situation here.

This is my love for you, Taiwan!


The nature

I haven’t seen much of the nature here in Taiwan yet, but that just means that there is a lot left to explore! As a Swede I find every single tree or animal or insect here new and interesting. And this country has both the sea and the mountains. I can’t wait to go hiking for real.

Taiwan, you are beautiful.

The Taiwanese

If you are new to this part of the world you might find that the communication with Taiwanese aren’t easy. It takes some time, some cultural understanding and maybe even language skills. But seriously, the Taiwanese are a good people. Most people I have met so far has been very kind and helpful. Just try to ask for the way and you will see how people react, don’t get surprised if you find a stranger following you around to help you.

Taiwanese, thanks for all the help.

Food everywhere

The food here is not like home. But if you can’t live without the food your mother makes you will probably not move to the other side of the world?

One of the downs with living in a dorm is that I can’t cook anything for myself and have to depend on what the restaurants in my area is selling. If you do not speak any Chinese you will have to go outside of your comfort zone while buying food, and you never really know what you will get. But seriously, eating outside three times a day? I get lazy from living here!

Taiwan, thanks for at the new tastes.

Fruits everywhere

This was one of the things I looked forward to while moving here – buying fresh exotic fruits. This week I have been eating one mango every day just because I can. If buying locally grown fruits back home we can mostly eat apples, but here they grow more fruits than I even know the names for.

Taiwan, please give me mango season soon again.

Easy to meet people

The Taiwanese are a little shy but curious too. If my classmates just dare to approach me they have quite a lot to say and ask. And if you are an exchange student you will see that meeting other exchange students are very easy.

Taiwan, thanks for all new friends.


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