On her own


Just another student taking a nap on campus. Why sleep in your dorm if you can sleep just anywhere?

Just one more day in the library and we will be off for the weekend.

It’s good we are from a super independent culture where people don’t mind doing things on their own – while I’m studying my mother will go for some sightseeing all by herself. She got internet and small notes in Chinese saying things like “please help me find a taxi”, she will be fine!


The making space


Good morning! Now it’s six hours until my mother will land in Taiwan. Before she arrives I will spend my day here in “The making space”. The library created this area for students to come and have group discussions or rest while listening to music. In reality a lot of people come here just to sleep …

I think my mother will have two very interesting first days here, watching me study for an exam.

Looking up


The weather here has been so nice this week. Not too warm, not too cold, not too windy. It’s almost like sunny days in September back home.

Here people seems to take the weather for granted and people don’t pay much attention top it. When we have this weather back home people would run out and not go back inside before they are almost late for class. But  we don’t have many nice summer days in Sweden, so we cherish the little we get.



Students in school uniforms, Hsinchu.

Being ignorant is too easy. I feel like I do nothing but learning here, but there is still some things I have no clue about.

The other day I picked up a book from a friends bookshelf. It was written in Chinese, and I flapped it here and there without understanding how to hold it. Then I realized: the books here are written from right to left, starting at what I think it the back side and finishing at what I think is the first page. I have been here for quite a few weeks already – can it really be I haven’t looked in any Chinese books so far?

This is like a joke.