The students and the dragon


Students at Tsinghua University, Taiwan


I will only be here in Taiwan for a few months, and when I return home I am confident that I will find that my country haven’t changed very much. At home I take democracy and freedom of speech for granted.

A lot of my new friends here in Taiwan don’t have that privilege.

The winds from Hong Kong are blowing at Taiwan too. They are young. They are unafraid. They know how important this is for their futures.

One may wonder what some thousand of students can do up against a dragon.

Let’s pray that the protests remains peaceful.



3 thoughts on “The students and the dragon

  1. Interesting title which reflects the anology of David vs goliath story. Just like the young David having the courage to stand up, it is encouraging to see the youth in Hong Kong and now Taiwan standing up for their freedom and rights against the Big Brother.

    Considering that this news is blacked out in China, where they have no idea such a protest is going on. It is good to notice that press freedom is still prevalent in Taiwan.

    Do keep us posted on inside stories ‘Duktig reporter’ :)

  2. Do you know the sunflower movement which occupied parliament in Taiwan this year? In that time so many Hongkongers came to Taipei to joined the movement. They brought protest slogan: 今日香港,明日台灣 and 台灣人,請踩著我們的屍體前進…etc. In the past ten years, we always feel we are so alike in political situation. So when the occupied central movement officially begins is announced, I almost cry.

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