Sunday morning


Yesterday I made a little trip out of town and visited my first Taiwanese family. I spent the day eating deep-fried frog legs, marveling at Taiwanese mountains and then speaking hours away in a park behind our dorm. But the best of this weekend is yet to come.

Today is my first church Sunday here in Taiwan! I think I know where and when to be there, everything else will be a surprise. I am really excited to see what this day will bring!

Is strikes me again and again that I meet so super interesting people here. The entire Asia seems to attend courses at my University, and hearing the stories they share open my heart. (Did you know University students in Hong Kong are making peaceful protests against the recent undemocratic developments this days? And did you hear how they are treated by their government?)

I will give you mountain pictures later, but today I’ll give you this beautiful on-campus sunset. I was actually rushing to meet someone when I saw this beautiful sight, and I felt like I really had to stay and at least take one picture.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. Oh thats a lovely sight to behold. Looks like a diamond shaped sun rays against the silver art structures. The best photo hands down so far in your blog! Great capture kutty :)

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