Me and the bacteria – Learn something every day


When I am studying here at NCTU I have entered the department of Biological Science and Technology. If you have taken similar subjects before some undergraduate courses (for third year students) might sound like a piece of cake. I have learned a lot of different subjects in high school and my first years at University, but this is going to be something new for me. And my experiment experiences? I think there are a lot more to learn than what I got from those 8 hours chemistry I did at my home University!

When this is published (I usually write things in forehand) I will be busy with the first round of experiments, the challenge today is E.coli bacteria. Last week when I told the teacher and his assistant that I’m not a biology major he was really shocked, but didn’t stop me from taking the course. I do hope the students I am working together with know how act inside a lab, because I have no idea. And please scary little bacteria’s, don’t follow me home!


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