Typhoon report


So what about the typhoon everyone was waiting for?

The storm was expected to take an unusual route over western Taiwan, and over the city where I live, but instead it went more east as normally. As the mountains are high in Taiwan and create a huge barrier between west and east they protected us from the storm.

Yesterday night we were hoping to hear if they would cancel school today, but no announcement from the government came. When I went to bed we could hear some thunder far away and see that it was raining a little, when I woke up it was still dripping a little. That’s it.

From other parts of Taiwan we have heard news about flooding, one landslide, some hurt people and even that one man died.

That I spent my entire weekend around or in the dorm was maybe not needed this time, but you never know.


3 thoughts on “Typhoon report

  1. Probably an interesting fact:
    There are different names for these storms in different places. In the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, the term “hurricane” is used. In the Northwest Pacific, it is called a “typhoon”. “Cyclones” is the terminology used in South Pacific and Indian Ocean.

    I remember we were having heavy showers and the weather forecast said that a ”cyclone” of category 4 (with 5 being max and 1 minimal) was approaching our coast line. The state government declared a holiday in order to save lives if the storm hit our city. The next day it was sunshine and dry weather, leaving us kids really happy to get a day off from school. :D

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