My first typhoon


My cold haven’t gotten much better. And from overly much taking yesterday night I have been without my voice the whole day today. Not super convenient, but thank God it was today and not any day when attending my courses last week!

Today I read on Facebook that there is a typhoon coming in over Taiwan. Apparently all my room mates already knew this since some days back, and the entire rest on the Island too, and just me being ignorant.

When the news finally reached me I felt both excited and scared, imagining this huge tropical storm, and hearing that it was just a few hours away. While my good friend was still talking a shower I had already planned to go out and get a warm dinner and buy some extra toilet paper just in case the stores would be closed in the days to come. And so my friend came back, she was not exactly reacting as I expected.  “Yes a typhoon, so what about it?”

When she heard that it was my first time experiencing this ever she just laughed and run over to tell a friend in the next room that I never seen a typhoon before and that I was afraid.

Apparently it is going to be a little windy and a little rainy as the weather pass, but it will not be so much more than that. Any way, may I still be a little excited?

Maybe it will be cooler 33° when I wake up tomorrow morning? It would be so refreshing!


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