Starting National Chiao Tung University


Last week all exchange students had an introduction day. They separated us in two groups: Mainland Chinese to the left and everyone else to the right. I was thankful our introduction was held in English.

Summer holiday is over, and so is my time of acclimatization and preparations. Today school is starting for real.

Yesterday, while speaking with some fellow Swedes here in Hsingchu, we all agreed that we looked forward to starting to learn again but that we did not look forward to attending our classes. Walking into a classroom filled with Taiwanese students and attending a lesson held only in Chinese? Not really an easy first day at school. I really hope the professors will not ask me any questions!

Today I will (if everything goes well) attend lessons in physics and automatic control. And they will be held in Chinese. I don’t even know how to say automatic control in Chinese! My classmates will most likely be native Chinese speakers and younger than me. Later this afternoon I will go to a neighboring campus and attend my only course this period that’s given in English. Will I be able to get through this day?


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