Between rivers and cockroaches


Right outside where we live there is a small area for walking, it is maybe one hundred meter long and parallel to a small river. I wouldn’t really call it a park but at least there are a few trees and some benches to sit at.

Yesterday I spotted my first ever close-up cockroach and also a rat sneaking out it daylight. The cockroach might have been in our shower room but the rat was outside. It might sound disgusting to you but I’m mostly thankful I haven’t seen any dangerous giant spiders yet.

I’m not sure if my nightmare spiders really exist here but I suspect they do and I’m not intending to do any research on it. The less I know, the less likely it is that I freak out thinking of them.

Now I’m celebrating last weekend of summer vacation with visiting Taipei. See you when I get back!

Note: In Sweden we have rats and so on but we seldom see them. We have some disgusting insects but few of them stay in our houses, and the poisonous animals are also really few.

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