Swedish dumpling night

One night I headed out to eat with some on my fellow Swedes. After wandering about a little we found a small place close to Tsinghua University were we could see that they had dumplings. We were five guys + me so we had to order quite a lot before everybody got full.

Ordering was very easy. We got ourselves a little table and then just walked up to the laoban (shop owner) and pointed at whatever looked tasty or asked what else he had to offer. After eating a first round it’s easy to order more until you find something you like.

I soon learned that dumplings are not called jiaozi here as they are in Mainland China, but instead shuijiao which is very easy to pronounced as “sleep”. We also ordered xiaolongbao, little dragon baoxi, which is typical for Taiwan.

Below you can see shuijiao in the front and xiaolongbao a little behind.



When we were offered extra chili with the food all the guys had to try, of course. It was not only just a normal chili-paste but an unusually strong one with a heat that slowly grows in the mouth until it after a few minutes make your lips start burning too. I just took a little dip with one single baozi in the sauce and I thought it would never stop burning! Some of the guys left immediately to seven eleven to get more cool drinks for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Swedish dumpling night

  1. Hihihi, kan förstå att det är lätt att förväxla namnet på dumplingsarna med att “sova”. Fast jag antar att första delen i namnet har med vatten att göra. :-)
    Kul att se vad du har för dig!

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