Photos from life in a Taiwanese dorm

Do you want to see some photos of my dorm? I already wrote about in here and here, but now when I can I would want to share some pictures too. These photos were taken the day I moved in, I was one of the first to arrive and the place was pretty empty.

Here is my corner: I have a table, some place for storage, a chair and my bed right over the desk.


As mentioned before we are four people in the room, out four beds take up all the space so there if nothing else than this in here.


One of the dorms from outside.


You can choose from using a squat-toilet or a one with seat.


I love the fact that we can close around us when we shower, I do want some privacy!


We have both washing machine and a drier, but there are rumors that the guys dorm only have washing machines that are half-automatic. If that is true we girls are indeed very lucky!



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