In the market: food section






Deeper into the market I found the food section. Fresh made sausages, fish carefully placed on ice, fresh fruits, grains and snacks, they had everything here. One part was reserved for ready to eat meals and another was for pre-packed dumplings to take home and boil.

The sight of raw meat made me feel more repelled than hungry so I thought I would pass through the entire market without buying myself some lunch – but in the end I found a stall with fresh wraps which a lot of people were buying. You can see them for yourself in the last picture.

While eating one of their sallad-wraps (with mashed potatoes, fresh herbs, lettuce, cucumber and a hint of wasabi) they told me that they were a family working together.

The entire market-complex was places next to a local temple, and it took almost till the end of my three hours in there until I was told that all the meat sold had taken part in the religious rituals.

Well, I left feeling quite satisfies that I ate nothing but salad.


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