Introducing life in a Taiwanese dorm


Sorry for this low quality photos, as soon as I can I will give you pictures from my best camera.

After sleeping very little I checked out from my hotel and took a cab to my new University. I had searched for information about where I was supposed to live but had nothing more than the number of the dorm and room. I did find my dorm number online but it said it was a supposed to be a guy’s dorm, which clearly wasn’t where I was meant to stay.

After going here and there with the cab we went to that place anyways and I got of with my heavy bag.

The campus was quiet. I didn’t see anyone outside the dorm and wondered if I could get in without a key, and was I even at the right campus? It was said that the registration was supposed to start at 8 am and I wasn’t sure if we were just to register or if we were also supposed to have some kind of introduction. But here it was so empty…

I tried the door to the house with my number and an ayi (an auntie) let me in. She went into a small office full of keys and stamps and she soon found my name in a list. I almost got a tear in my eye of relief, I found the right place! She said I was the first one coming (it was only little past 8) and had a lot of energy to explain how everything worked, show me my dorm and help me with the keys. It was really a great start here.

Before coming here I did my best to have a realistic expectation of how it would be. I imagined dirty walls, old unstable bunk beds, no AC, no kitchen, no warm water in the open showers, no other way to wash clothes than by hand and dirty bathrooms.

Coming here was a positive surprise! Our room needed some proper cleaning of course, but at least it was bright with a big tree outside. We have thick curtains and nets to keep mosquito’s out. We have AC and a fan, one desk each, a small place to keep books, one small closet, a small locker and a plastic chair. The toilets are ok and all showers are one by one in a room. I have heard some places in Taiwan only offer cold showers, but here we have warm water. We even have washing machine and a drier!

My room mates are all Asian but not Taiwanese. So far we spoke 50% English and 50% Chinese with each other, I am happy for every chance to avoid English.

Comparing to how I lived last year I’m Sweden this might be a very simple lifestyle, but compared my actual expectations on this place everything is so good. I feel very blessed!


4 thoughts on “Introducing life in a Taiwanese dorm

  1. Kul att läsa om hur det går för dig:) skönt med rummet!
    Jag kanske missade din beskrivning, men finns det kök? Hur många är ni i rummet?
    spännande att få bo ett tag på ett dorm!

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