Hello Taiwan!

I have arrived in Taiwan! I still haven’t found an adapter that fits my computer, and intend to wait with uploading photos until I bought one. Please have some patience with some bland posts first! If you click on the Instagram widget you can see some low quality pics from my phone.

The trip here was long but went very smooth. All in all it took 28 hours from door to door. When we took air from Heathrow I could see the entire downtown London: Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, London Eye and so on, it was really beautiful. While our transfer in Hong Kong we didn’t have much time but still managed to board just before the gate closed. And even if it was a thunder-storm really close we took off and had good weather during the flight. All in all: everything went great!

Arriving in Taiwan made me super excited, finally here! We immediately got our luggage, had no problems with our visas and got a good deal for Taiwanese telephone numbers.

We felt very tired so we took the easy and comfortable way to Hsingchu with a private taxi. It turned out we had hired a really nice Mercedes! As we were three of us sharing and he drove us to our respective hotels I feel it was totally it worth it.

Do you want to call me? If you have my Swedish number you can’t contact me as I switched card in my cellphone, but if you download an app called Viber you can use it to call and text me.

If you want my Chinese number you can leave a comment below or email me if you know my address.


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