We are so easily attracted to people who are like us. Similar backgrounds, similar jobs or the same language – having a lot in common makes it easier to build friendship. Not only do I share most of my interests with my friends, many of them even have face features that remind me of myself. It is natural to search for things that’s familiar.

But if we only have people like ourselves around we are tempted to start thinking that everyone are like us. We forget that there are those around us who live in completely different situations. We risk losing contact with reality.

I wish we could be better at caring for one another. I wish the gaps between us people here in Linköping would become smaller.


I found a group of people here in Linköping who really want to reach out to people in our community, I befriended them and now their project became our project. We are a young church with people from around the world. We want to be around for everyone around us. Jesus-style.

Last Saturday we hired a double-decker bus, packed lots of food and invited everyone who wanted to join us for an outing. Half of the young girls joining covered their hair, a big group of us are immigrants who recently escaped the violence in Syria. It was a day we spent together, playing and swimming, telling our stories in the shade and washing dishes together. It was the perfect church day out.








In you would find yourself in Linköping area and want to join  us – you would be more than welcome.


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