June 28

My happiest day of this summer was probably June 28.

The clouds were hanging over the little town but it was not raining yet. All family was busy going to the hairdressers, re-ironing shirts for the third time and driving around on some last-minute errands. Beautifully aged hand was doing a last fix on table arrangements. The antique Ford was decorated and waiting outside the countryside church. It wasn’t raining already, wasn’t it? Everyone arrived and we took seat.

And after some excited minutes the doors opened – we all gasped for air – and the entered: my handsome brother and his wonderful soon to be wife.

They flirted during the ceremony, smiling cutely to each other when the priest was speaking. The time came to say “Yes” to each other and they both did it with confident clear voices.  I couldn’t hold my tears back and the musicians Marc and the Matron sung the most beautiful love songs.




When the ceremony was over the entire party moved over to the well prepared hall. We were served locally produced delicacies, Swedish Ostkaka and wedding cake. The feast continued until late night with speeches and games. There might have been someone dancing in a Pingu costume as well, but luckily there is no evidence for that.

A typical Swedish wedding is quite similar to an American. The most obvious differences are probably that we say “Yes” instead of “I do” and that bride and groom enter the church together instead of the bride being accompanied by her father.


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