6 – More Wuhan

This is a post in a series of pictures from a trip to China in June 2013. Read the first post here

Summer in Wuhan is hot and it seems like the rain can start anytime.

DSC_3634DSC_3622DSC_1992By coincidence we passed a wedding ceremony and we sat down to watch. The bridesmaids, the flower boy and the flower girl are getting ready. Any minute now and the bride will arrive.DSC_3459After some busy days I finally had time to visit a special friend. Her apartment was full of people from all over the world and delicious indian food. After 2 am we had time to sit and talk on our own and she could give me some good advises.  I stayed overnight and borrowed a fantastic foot long Indian nightie.

The next morning Wuhan was covered in smog.

DSC_3875Now I just had one more important place visit before returning to Sweden.

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