5 – My favorite street

This is a post in a series of pictures from a trip to China in June 2013. Read the first post here

Right behind my favorite street, squeezed between university campuses and the electronic market, you can still find a food alley. It is narrow, it is not so hygienic and always crowded. But it is a great place to grab a breakfast, snack or any meal any time of the day. In this stand you can buy soya milk (to the very left) all kinds of fried breads (between the women) or eggs boiled in tea (at the ground). I hope they will let this places be and not tear down and rebuild this places, but I doubt the city planners will agree with me.

DSC_3431At the other side of the street you can grab steamed buns (baozi) or jiaozi (dumplings). We used to grab breakfast here on Sunday mornings.

DSC_3325These guys where smiling so big when I took up the camera.  They are filling the big barrels with new baozi to be steamed.

DSC_3600Crowds, cars and busses. In the middle a seller from one of the little stores take a break and rest his feet for a minute.

DSC_3386Someone had torn down a wall next to the sidewalk and I took the chance to walk up and see what it’s been hiding. Behind k found some old houses and a yard hosting someones small plantation of vegetables. Next time I come back I have to take a look and see if it this is still here or already replaced with new houses.



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