4 – Coming home

This is a post in a series of pictures from a trip to China in June 2013. Read the first post here

And so the day I waited for so long finally came: it was time to go back to Wuhan! I followed my Swedish friends to the airport, waved them of and then took a flight to my previous hometown.

Ok, I know it is not correct to say hometown about somewhere you only lived for a very short time. But I can’t help feeling like home here. How many times hadn’t I dreamed about walking down my favourite street, buy tea and be with dear friends? And now I am finally back.DSC_3787My good friend J was still in town and let me come and stay with her. We spent some fantastic days eating great food, meeting people and taking silly photos. At least once a day we were laughing until it literally hurt. J, you are the best! DSC_3851My favorite street was still there but everything else had changed. This is really China: you are gone for 14 months and when you get back you think you have been gone for 14 years. The subway system had finally opened, a new bridge over East Lake was finished, some streets had been opened and others closed, rebuilt or redirected. Everyone had moved and suddenly the no-car campus became a busy road. The buses changed their routes as well and I almost couldn’t navigate myself.

These small stores you can find in every street corner: they sell all kind of hot or cold pops or teas. A cold lemon tea is perfect for the 35+ Wuhan summer.DSC_4271Me and a new friend. Due to the hot temperatures she abandoned her student dorm to come and stay with us in our AC cool apartment. I simply can’t imagine how it must have been to sit and study in 35+ for the spring exams. Poor poor students! And yep, this is my favorite street, again.DSC_3779As I barely have eaten Dim Sung (in Cantonese) or Morning Tea (in Mandarin) we set out to get that. If you arrive before a certain time you get the morning offer, and as we were late we were running the last few meters to the restaurant. We made it almost on time and had a great meal with many small treats and served with an unlimited amount of green tea. DSC_3810My dear friend Jiajia (at the right) lives a full day trip from Wuhan but always makes an effort to come and see me. It was great to spend time together after so long. We made some outings together where she always makes sure to bargain really hard, I never got cheated with her by my side! DSC_3698I spent quite much time on the phone calling to Sweden. During one of those times I wandered about in a serene corner at back of Wuhan University. DSC_4238DSC_3639


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