Saturday morning

imageIt is Saturday and one hour before lunch. An unknown number calls my phone, or not only the number is unknown but also the country code. +91? I am making a quick inquiry with my brain to think of who in an unknown country really far away who would call on an Saturday morning. Did I buy something from far away? Or am I in some kind of a problem?

I pick up, of course, I am to curious not to. Not sure how to greet the other person I simply just say my name in a half Swedish half English way. It is a girl’s voice on the other side. “Hi Susanna!” I need another ten’s of a second before I can put everything together. It was a dear sister who moved to New Delhi!

Isn’t it fascinating how easy we can find each other? How easy, and cheap, we can keep in touch today? I think I been more in touch with this girl than some equally old friends who lives in the same town as me.

We were catching up for a bit, and I was discussing with her fiancé about what I made for lunch today. Me in a neat white apartment in Linköping, they in a another apartment which seemed to be next to busy streets and with loud neighbors. We were simply sharing our thoughts on a normal Saturday morning.

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